Car Trunk Lockout Remedies

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    Car Trunk Lockout Remedies

    Although you might think trunk lockouts are similar to car door lockouts, you’re quite mistaken.

    Car trunk lock mechanisms are actually rather different from the regular locks found in car doors.

    Moreover, they need to always be accessed from inside the vehicle, making it more difficult to fix in cases of trunk lockouts.

    To learn more, read further for other relevant information as well as car trunk lockout remedies.

    Reasons for Car Trunk Lockouts

    Car trunk lockouts can be unpredictable and, when it does happen, it might leave you helpless.

    Before trying to address the trunk lockout with remedies, you first need to understand why it might have happened.

    Having this information will help you find a more accurate and efficient solution and decrease the chances of possibly worsening the situation.

    Keys Locked Inside

    The most common reason for trunk lockouts is usually leaving the car keys inside the trunk.

    This happens when people look for things in the trunk and place their keys on the trunk floor whilst looking for that something.

    After finding what they were looking for, they forget that they set their keys down on the trunk floor and close the trunk, essentially locking their keys inside.

    Broken or Damaged Key Fob

    Key fobs have definitely made operating around the car much easier, as modern fobs can now unlock car doors and trunks.

    However, as much as it makes things convenient, a key fob also gives as much headache when damaged or broken, especially when it’s the main item to unlock car doors.

    If you find that you can’t open your trunk with your fob, the fob itself might be malfunctioning or it hasn’t been properly programmed.

    Damaged Trunk Lock

    Another reason for car trunk lockouts would be damaged or worn-out locks; meaning, the problem isn’t with your keys or fob.

    If your key or fob is new and you find that you can’t open the trunk with it, try recalling how old your trunk lock might be.

    Older locks have a tendency to break unexpectedly, and it could be why you can’t open your trunk.

    Remedies for Car Trunk Lockouts

    In case you experience getting locked out, here are a few car trunk lockout remedies that you can try on your own before calling for professional help:

    Check Your Trunk Again

    Although it’s a simple step, it could save you money from impulsively calling for professional help.

    Often, people mistake getting locked out of their trunks because they can’t open it, when in fact, they might have just forgotten to pull the handle.

    Before calling for help, try opening the trunk again like normal.

    Use a Spare Key

    If you’re sure that you left your original key in the trunk, make use of your spare key.

    However, beforehand, ensure to place your spare key in a safe and secure hiding spot, not within the interior of your car.

    Hiding your spare key inside the car could risk you locking both your original and spare keys inside.

    Once you’ve opened the car trunk, get your original keys and make sure to return your spare key where you got it from.

    Inspect for Interior Access

    Unfortunately, this remedy only works for cars that have trunks connected to the interior of the vehicle.

    If you’ve locked your keys inside the trunk and own this kind of car, then avoid picking at the trunk lock and simply access your trunk for the rear seats of your vehicle.

    If the trunk lockout is due to a faulty lock, try opening it from the inside.

    If you can’t open it from inside, go to a local car locksmith to get the problem checked and solved.

    Try DIY Solutions with Care

    People with a knack for tinkering with their things often go straight to DIY solutions when they find something wrong.

    If you’re the type to do this, be sure to take extra care in your methods as DIY solutions can add more to the problem than actually fix it.

    Careless DIY solutions can damage the lock further, which can cost you more when you get it fixed with a technician.

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