How To Avoid Car Lockouts

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    How To Avoid Car Lockouts

    Too often, many drivers find themselves getting locked out of their own cars, and this can happen to anyone.

    This situation can arise due to various reasons and can leave numerous car owners dumbfounded and helpless.

    Moreover, they leave themselves vulnerable to many dangers by being outside of the car, like freezing, getting mugged, and even getting damaged by other passing cars.

    Nevertheless, it can be avoided by being responsible and staying aware at all times.

    For starters, below are tips you can follow on how to avoid car lockouts:

    Never Place Your Keys Inside the Car

    Besides putting your key in the ignition, never place your keys elsewhere in the car; not on the seats, not the dashboard, not in cupholders, not in the ignition, and definitely not in the trunk.

    The most common cause of getting locked out is drivers setting the key down in the trunk while looking for something and closing the trunk while the car key is still inside.

    In other cases, drivers simply forget that they placed their keys on a random surface while chilling inside the car.

    How to avoid car lockouts in these situations?

    Simple, always hold your keys or keep them in your pockets.

    Avoid keeping it in purses or bags as those are often left inside the vehicle, too.

    Replace Worn Keys

    Many people have a habit of waiting to get replacements only once the item is completely torn apart.

    This attitude poses a great risk for car keys getting broken while they’re inside the keyhole, which is another reason for getting locked out of the car.

    To prevent this, periodically check for any damages on your key.

    If you notice slight wearing on your key, go to a car locksmith and get a replacement as soon as possible.

    With car locksmiths like Thornhill Car Locksmith, your car key replacement is fast and affordable, in contrast to getting one from dealers or garages.

    Replace Old Car and Key Fob Batteries

    In cars with remote unlocking systems, the most common cause of getting locked out of the car is the car or key fob batteries dying.

    With no way to manually unlock the door with a key, car owners of modern models often find themselves helpless in these situations.

    To avoid this, be mindful of how your car and key fob batteries’ age and ensure to replace them periodically.

    By doing this, you are guaranteeing that your locking system is always functional; hence, highly preventing possible lockouts.

    Start a Routine

    Like how drivers have a routine of getting in the car and immediately putting their seatbelt on, it is essential to have a routine involving car keys.

    Start a routine of checking for your car keys and placing them in your pockets.

    For example, after reaching your destination and pulling your key out of the ignition, always put it in your pocket or hang it on a belt loop with a belt clip before grabbing your phone or bag.

    As an additional step, check where your keys are before closing and locking the door.

    Getting into this routine will always keep you mindful of where your keys are located, drastically reducing your chances of getting locked out of the car.

    Always Have a Spare Key

    If you do not have a spare key yet, let this be your calling to get one right now.

    As the most obvious but often neglected course of action, having a spare key readily available can help in avoiding car lockouts.

    However, not knowing where the optimal hiding place for your spare key is also another reason for getting locked out.

    Hence, you also need to be smart about where you actually place it.

    Do not place your spare keys inside your car where they could get locked in together with the original key.

    Also, do not hide it in obvious spots on your car’s exterior; you’d be giving car thieves an easier time stealing your car.

    Instead, hide it in more discreet spots; better yet, hide it at home or at your workplace where you can ask someone to pick it up for you.

    Thornhill Car Locksmith for Car Lockout Emergencies

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