Lost Car Key Replacements

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    Lost Car Key Replacements

    Saying “I lost my car keys” is actually a common occurrence among car owners and drivers.

    Often, the situation is solved by having a spare key hidden in safety; however, there are cases when people do not have this option.

    Hence, it is also common that people are on a constant lookout for cheap lost car key replacements.

    If you have lost your car keys, below are things you can do and options that you can consider:

    Search for Your Keys For the Last Time

    Before actually getting a replacement, make sure to check all the places you might have placed your keys.

    Recall your pathing from the last time you remember seeing your keys and try revisiting them.

    Check the ground, your current and previously used pants pockets, the coffee table, the kitchen island, the bathroom countertop, and even inside your car in case you accidentally left it inside.

    Often, people find their keys in the places they have been, saving them from spending on lost car key replacements.

    In case you can’t find anything, then it’s time to move on to other alternatives.

    Check for Existing Spare Keys

    If you have lost your main key, ensure to check for existing spare keys that you might have kept hidden.

    Having this will definitely save you money as getting a new spare is cheaper with an existing physical key at hand.

    If you do not have a spare key, let this be a lesson for you to get one as soon as you get a replacement key and ensure to place your spare keys in safe hiding places.

    Car Insurance Provider

    Car insurances can cover car keys; however, this depends on the policy coverage that you have chosen.

    Moreover, this option could be one of the expensive ones, as this could have an effect on your no claims bonus and possibly cost you more in the future.

    There are insurers that offer standalone policies for key covers but do not cover for keys that have been stolen.

    On the other hand, some insurers have key coverage as a premium add-on that allows for lost key replacements, but this add-on would need extra payment.

    If you can afford it, then this option is fine; however, if you can’t, there are still some cheaper alternatives for you.

    Vehicle Breakdown Service

    For lost keys, you can call for roadside assistance, but this process could be slow for those in a hurry.

    Moreover, some services might not be able to help depending on your vehicle type and the key that needs replacement.

    This is due to the fact that the equipment that roadside assistance has might not support your car and key model.

    To ensure that their services are spontaneous as soon as they arrive on-site, ensure to inquire about your car’s model while you’re calling them.

    Local Garage

    For lost car key replacements, you can rely on a local garage nearby; however, this option could be expensive and take a while for your replacement to be produced.

    Moreover, key replacement and programming is a specialization that not all garages are capable of, so finding one might be difficult.

    If you do find one, they might not have the equipment for key coding on-site and would most likely charge you for using their diagnostic equipment.

    Hence why this option takes a while despite being expensive.

    Local Car Locksmith

    Having a local car locksmith like Thornhill Car Locksmith in your contacts can be very convenient, especially for times when you get in emergencies involving your car lock and keys.

    As locksmiths, we can unlock your car door in case you lock your keys inside, replace lost keys, repair keys, cut and copy car keys, and many more.

    Moreover, our services are affordable due to our specialization in the field.

    Indeed, this could be the cheapest and fastest solution for lost car keys and many more.

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    Our services can cover a wide range of car locks and key problems, and we make sure to offer solutions for each one of them.

    With us, you are guaranteed excellent customer service and professionalism.

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