What To Do When Car Keys Won’t Turn In Ignition

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    What To Do When Car Keys Won’t Turn In Ignition

    In a hurry on your way to work or an appointment, you get in your car and find that your key isn’t turning the ignition.

    This can be pretty frustrating, especially if it’s the first time it’s happened to you and you have no idea how to fix it.

    There are a number of reasons why this is happening; however, you might not have enough time to figure out what’s causing it.

    Without further ado, below are what to do when car keys won’t turn in the ignition:

    Make Sure Your Car is in Neutral or Park

    Some cars with automatic transmission have been designed to not start when the transmission is in neutral or park.

    This is an added safety feature to prevent accidents caused by cars lurching forward after being started while not in neutral or park.

    This is also the most common reason when people find that they can’t turn their key in the ignition.

    Check your shift lever and ensure that it’s in neutral or park; then, simply turn the key like always.

    Check Your Key for Dirt and Damages

    Car ignition cylinders require accurate key codes to engage the right pins, and if your key isn’t accurate, it will not be able to turn the ignition.

    If you find that your key isn’t turning, gently take it out for a close-up inspection to find what’s making it inaccurate.

    Check for dirt that might have gotten stuck on the dips and damages that might have resulted in broken or rounded teeth.

    Any little thing that makes the key inaccurate will make the ignition refuse to turn, so make sure to pay attention to the smallest detail.

    If you only find dirt, then simply clean it off and be on your way.

    However, if it’s damages that you find, you will need to go to a car locksmith to get a replacement.

    If you need a replacement key that requires programming in Thornhill, you can trust Thornhill Car Locksmith to get the job done for you.

    Jiggle Your Key

    Sometimes, the situation is caused by problems within the ignition itself.

    Small parts of the lock, like springs, can get lost or stuck, making the ignition refuse to turn.

    As a simple solution to this, try jiggling your key whilst it’s in the ignition to shake the components temporarily back into place.

    However, this solution is short-term and unreliable, so if you succeed in turning the ignition with this method, head straight to a car locksmith to find out the real problem and get it fixed.

    Wiggle Your Steering Wheel While Turning the Key

    Similar to being in neutral or park, a locked steering wheel does not allow the ignition to turn.

    Sometimes, drivers accidentally lock their steering wheel when they put too much pressure on it without the key in the ignition.

    To fix this issue, wiggle your steering wheel back and forth while gently turning the key in the ignition.

    This action should disengage the lock and allow you to turn both your steering wheel and the ignition.

    Clean the Ignition Port

    Similar to dirty or damaged keys, dirt and debris in the ignition port result in inaccurate engagement of pins, resulting in the ignition not turning.

    Using canned air that you can buy in supply stores, blow into the port at short intervals to get rid of the dirt.

    Note, do not spray for long periods and do not use the whole can to do this method; the extreme cold caused by the pressurized air could damage the ignition cylinder.

    Moreover, ensure to wear eye protection while doing this method to avoid debris getting into your eyes.

    Lubricate the Lock

    Oftentimes, the cause of the ignition not turning is due to the keyway getting jammed up.

    To solve this issue, lightly lubricate the lock with graphite or silicon-based lubricant.

    Wipe any excess lubricant with a cloth and you should be ready to insert the key and turn the ignition.

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