Guide To Remote Car Key Starting

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    Guide To Remote Car Key Starting

    Previously, car owners had to endure the chilly weather before their car heater could heat up the whole vehicle.

    With the advent of technology, however, car owners can now remotely start the car engine and heater so that by the time they get in to drive, the interior is already warm and comfortable.

    If you don’t know or aren’t aware of what remote car starters are, you’re in for a whole new world!

    To learn more about it, below is a guide to remote car key starting and other relevant information:

    Remote Car Starter

    Unfortunately, this feature is only available in high-end vehicles; however, it will most likely become a common offer in the market soon.

    Remote car starters are exactly as they sound like: starting the car engine using a wireless remote control that utilizes radio waves.

    This allows car owners to start the car engine from a distance away without needing to be inside the vehicle.

    The most common remote control for this feature are key fobs; however, there are also remote controls that utilize smartphone technology.

    Moreover, besides starting your engine, some models offer the whole package deal that allows you to lock and unlock doors, turn on the heater, and more.

    Indeed, owning a car can’t get any more convenient with these features.

    Nevertheless, only a few remote starter models offer them right now, so if you would like to have the additional functions included, be sure to inquire before purchasing.

    Bypass Modules

    A bypass module is a crucial device for remote car starters to actually function.

    This is installed in your car as a receiver for the signal from the remote starter to start the car.

    Because modules have different programs for anti-theft and engine starter, the physical key needs to be a specific match.

    Due to the sophistication that bypass modules require, additional costs are expected, and they can be pretty expensive.

    Take note that not all services for remote car key starting do not include the installation of a bypass module, so be sure to have this included if you plan to get a remote car key starter.

    How It Works

    For a more thorough guide to remote car key starting, below are the specifications that come along with remote key starting:

    Radio Signal

    Remote car key starters make use of radio frequencies that connect your key fob to a box that is connected to your car’s ignition switch and startup.

    Pressing the ignition button on your remote or key fob will send a radio signal to the box and begin the process of turning on the systems required in starting the engine.

    If you’re concerned about stray radio signals from other key fobs, you don’t have to worry; each remote car key starter utilizes unique frequencies to be distinct from the other.


    The range in which the signals from your key fob travel to your car can vary depending on the remote car key starter model.

    The distance can begin from 500 feet up to 5,000 feet, which is a pretty significant breadth.

    Surely, even 500 feet is already enough distance to make your life more convenient.

    Fuel Consumption

    Remote car starters themselves do not need fuel to function; however, utilizing this feature can cost you more fuel.

    Obviously, having your car started ahead of time before you actually have to drive it will consume fuel, especially if the standby period takes long periods.

    However, if you’re only starting your car long enough to warm up the interior, there shouldn’t be much of a difference in fuel consumption than normal.

    How Much It Costs

    Remote car key starters typically cost around $50 to $200; however, this doesn’t include the price for the installation.

    Meaning, you might spend twice as much as it can cost more than $200 for installation alone.

    Remote Car Starter Installation at Thornhill Car Locksmith

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    We also offer other locksmith and emergency services.

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