How To Remove A Car Lock

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    How To Remove A Car Lock

    The vehicle has many essential parts that every car owner must learn to pay close attention to.

    One of the parts that car owners prioritize the most is the wheels, battery, engine, and many more to keep it good and functional.

    However, an overlooked part of a vehicle is also the car door, which makes up the entire vehicle and keeps both the driver and passenger safe.

    But what happens if one day the car door lock suddenly malfunctions?

    The function of the car door lock is to keep our cars locked when we’re away, thus decreasing the chances of intruders breaking into our vehicle.

    Car owners may unlock the car door with the use of the key or a fob key.

    Moreover, the door unlocks or locks by connecting itself to a set of metal control rods attached to the locks.

    However, there are times when the car lock starts to malfunction.

    A faulty car lock could start a problematic situation, such as getting locked out of the car.

    There are numerous ways on how to remove a car lock, and it’s a good thing that Thornhill Car Locksmith prepared this guide for your car door lock needs.

    Additionally, this article guide will require car owners to seek professional help when indeed needed.

    Shut the car windows to a close and remove the window handle.

    The first step that one must take is to ensure that the car window of the door you want to work on is fully closed.

    When it comes to manual car windows, simply remove them carefully.

    With a screwdriver, unscrew the window handle; this removes it from the regulator shaft.

    This is one of the first and most essential steps when attempting on how to remove a car lock successfully.

    Remove the car’s door screws and panel.

    Now that you have your windows removed, you can easily have access to opening the car door.

    After opening the car door, the second step is to locate the screws located in the door panel.

    Carefully remove the screws using a screwdriver and find the ones located inside the armrest of the door.

    Removing every bit of screw is important, especially those hidden inside the armrest of the vehicle.

    Moreover, you should also be careful when removing the screws because it could cause breakage to the plastic clips that help secure the car door.

    With a screwdriver, the final step is to gently pry off the door panel by using its moisture shield to see the parts of the door easily.

    Remove electronic components and car lock.

    Always make sure to disconnect the electrical connections and the door lock and lower light switches.

    Close the car window completely to have a distinct view of the rod from the car lock to its latch.

    With a needle nose plier, carefully disconnect the door latch from the car lock rod.

    Transfer the rod holder and add the new car lock.

    The pliers are the most important tool for dealing with things such as trying to remove the car lock.

    Moreover, pliers are a trusty tool that every car owner should keep inside their car’s tool kit.

    With the pliers, lift and remove the C-spring clip that connects to the door lock.

    Removing the clip will cause the car lock to release.

    After removing the door lock, place the rod holder by the end of the door.

    When you’re attempting to remove and replace the old car lock, make sure that it’s at the same position as it was before.

    The next step is to put the new car lock through the front of the door piece.

    Push the lockdown of the C-spring onto the top of the new lock with the use of the pliers.

    Always ensure that the rod of the door lock is tightly secured onto the door latch.

    And lastly, snap the plastic clip retainer back into its place along with the door’s lock.

    Final step

    Don’t forget to replace the car door’s moisture shield and place it back to its original position along with the car door panel.

    Additionally, replace the screws of the armrest along with the other parts earlier during the process of removing a car lock.

    Need a professional to remove the car lock? Thornhill Car Locksmith has got you covered!

    When it comes to removing a car lock, it’s advisable to let a professional car locksmith handle the situation.

    Moreover, we at Thornhill Car Locksmith can do more than just remove a car lock; we also offer other services such as car key duplication and replacing a car lock.

    For more information, contact us today!

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