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    Our services include: Car Key Replacements, Car Key Cutting, Car Unlocking Service, Transponder Key Programming and more.

    Locked Your Keys In Your Car

    Have you ever experienced accidentally leaving your car keys inside and getting locked out of the car?

    Well, you’re not alone; many others have and continue to experience this situation.

    These cases typically occur when you’re stressed or spacing out, and what makes this an issue is if you don’t have a spare key readily available.

    If you find yourself stuck in this situation, simply give us a call and we’ll be on your way at the soonest possible opportunity!

    Who We Are

    We are from the Thornhill Car Locksmith and we serve the locals of Thornhill, Ontario.

    Our team consists of expert car locksmiths who can help you solve any problems involving your car keys and locks.

    We offer various locksmith services on top of excellent customer service to ensure that all problems are perfectly solved and clients are left satisfied.

    With our outstanding services and delivery, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

    How We Can Help You

    Locked your keys in your car? Call us now!

    As locksmiths, we are equipped to help you unlock your car without inflicting damages to your vehicle’s exterior and interior.

    Our unlocking services are not limited to car doors; we can also open locked trunks for you.

    What’s more, we offer mobile emergency services so you can receive the help you need wherever you are at whatever time of the day!

    What Else We Offer

    Besides helping you from being locked out of the car, we also provide various other services.

    At Thornhill Car Locksmith, we offer:

    Car Key Duplication

    Need a spare key but don’t know where to get one?

    Look no further; with us, you can easily get one with our up-to-date key duplicator machine.

    Simply bring with you your original car key and we’ll have it duplicated as fast as possible.

    With our meticulous technicians, you can always expect an accurate duplicate with a smooth finish.

    Lost Car Key Replacement

    If you have lost your key and have no idea how to get a replacement or cannot afford to get one from your dealer or insurance, you can trust Thornhill Car Locksmith to help you.

    You only need to provide your vehicle identification number (VIN) and we can begin the process of making your replacement for you.

    With our technology, your car key replacement is guaranteed the accuracy it requires.

    Transponder Key Programming

    You don’t need to rely on your dealer and pay expensively for a transponder key programming; we can also do that.

    After we cut your key by code, you simply need to turn over your car to us for the programming.

    We can guarantee to find the code for your transceiver and copy that onto a blank key.

    Broken Key Removal

    Have you been too rough with handling your key and accidentally broke it while it was still inside the keyhole?

    Have you tried everything to get the remaining key out of the hole and are out of options?

    Call us and we’ll have it safely removed for you!

    With our tools and equipment, we can guarantee to remove the broken key without inflicting damage to your car’s exterior and the door’s locking mechanism.

    Key Fobs Replacement

    Modern keys now consist of either a keyless entry, a push-button start system, or both, which take time and money to replace with a dealer when lost or damaged.

    You don’t have to spend a lot with your dealer to get your key fobs replaced; we can do that for you at a cheaper price.

    Ignition Switch Replacement

    There are many signs that indicate your car’s ignition switch’s deterioration, like failing to start, key not turning, flickering dashboard lights, stalling, and more.

    If your car presents one of these symptoms, call us and have our representative diagnose the problem for you.

    In case your ignition switch needs a replacement, you don’t have to look for other services; we can also do that for you.

    24-Hour Service in Thornhill

    If you find yourself in a bind with your car keys, car locks, car ignition switches, and many more, you can always trust our locksmiths to help you.

    What’s more, our services are available for 24 hours, so you can call us to help you wherever and whenever it might be.

    Locked your keys in your car?

    What are you waiting for?

    Call Thornhill Car Locksmith now!

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