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    Spare Key Production

    Car keys, as the main items that give access to transport, are among the most important to keep on your person at all times.

    However, due to their small size, they are also among the most that get misplaced and lost; nevertheless, these cases are typically solved by spare keys.

    Spare keys are duplicates of the original key and can be used as a substitute in unlocking locks, and these can be obtained in various ways.

    Which brings us to the question: how does spare key production happen?

    Always Have a Spare Key

    This cannot be stressed enough: always have a spare car key available for emergencies.

    This fact may seem obvious, but there are people who get paranoid of the possibilities of spare keys helping thieves more than they do owners.

    Although this is a possibility, this is only a problem if your spare key is hidden in obvious places on the exterior of your car.

    The benefits of having a spare key will always outweigh the risk if you are smart about where you keep your spares.

    For better examples, you can always keep your spare keys at home or at your workplace and ask someone to pick them up for you during emergencies.

    If you wish to hide your spare key somewhere around your car, don’t hide it inside where it could get locked in with your main key, and don’t hide it in easily accessible spots outside your car.

    Car Key Duplication

    Typically, spares are made using the original key as the model.

    Using a key duplicator, the original key is kept in place on one side of the machine while being lined up to a cutting tool; similarly, a matching blank key is placed on the other side.

    Both the original and blank keys are aligned by an alignment bar or a key guide to ensure that both keys are lined up perfectly.

    The next step is completed simply by turning on the duplicator machine and having the blank key cut by the blade using the original key as the template.

    The spare key production is then completed after the technician sands the duplicate key for a smoother finish.

    Car Key Duplicate or Replacement Without the Original

    If you need a car key duplicate or replacement but do not have the original key at hand, you don’t need to worry; you can still get one made without it.

    There are various ways to get a car key replacement, but getting one from a car locksmith is typically the cheapest and fastest method.

    However, the ease of replacing a key depends on the car model: older models’ keys are easier to replace in contrast to newer and more luxurious ones.

    Without the original key as a template, the technician will need your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) to begin the process.

    The VIN is usually found on the engine bay or dashboard of the vehicle; if you can’t find it in either place, check your insurance paperwork or vehicle’s title.

    Using the VIN, locksmiths are able to cut a blank key to resemble the original one; however, modern car replacement keys will need additional programming to work.

    In case a locksmith doesn’t program keys, you can go to a dealer to do it for you, but expect a high price for programming the module.

    Do Not Make a Duplicate with a Duplicate

    To make it simple, duplicates are only replicates of the original ones, which means the accuracy of spares is actually reduced.

    Making duplicates out of spares further reduces the accuracy of the key.

    Therefore, do not make a duplicate with a duplicate.

    Even older original keys need to be decoded for a more accurate replica, so don’t rely too heavily on making spare keys out of your spares.

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