What To Do When Locking Your Car Keys In The Car

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    What To Do When Locking Your Car Keys In The Car

    In the most unexpected ways during the most unexpected times, locking your keys inside your car can happen.

    Without a spare key at hand, you’ll most likely stay stuck outside for a while; this situation can be pretty frustrating, especially when you are in a rush.

    However, there are actually some things you can try so you’re not just helplessly locked out of the car.

    Without further ado, below are what you can do when locking your car keys in the car:

    Assess Your Situation

    When locking your keys inside your car, it’s best to stay calm so your mind is not muddled with negativity.

    Before taking any action, first, assess your situation: are you safe where you are currently stuck?

    It’s never a good idea to stay outside on the highway for a long time; you will not only encounter malicious people, but also careless drivers who could drive out of line and hurt you.

    If you think you’re unsafe, then it’s better to call for assistance as soon as possible.

    Otherwise, you can take your time and try to think of solutions and what to do when locking your car keys in the car.

    Check All of Your Car’s Doors

    When people lock their keys in their cars, they are often rash in trying to unlock the door.

    Before being intrusive and risking damage to your car’s exterior and interior, make sure to check if there are any doors that might have been left unlocked.

    Try each door handle, including your car’s trunk, which often has manual locks.

    If your trunk is open, then you can get in through the rear seats; simply pull on the lever, usually found in newer cars, to unlock the trunk lid.

    If you find that none of your doors are open, then it’s time to try other methods to manually unlock your doors without a key.

    Use a Shoelace or a Plastic Strip

    This method is handy as the tools are easy to obtain; however, the shoelace method only works for pulling-up locking mechanisms, so a plastic strip is a good alternative for horizontal locks.

    The shoelace method takes a lot of time, so patience is necessary.

    To unlock using a shoelace, tie a loop with it, push the loop through the gap of the door, try to wrap the loop around the lock, and pull it up.

    To unlock using a plastic strip, simply bend it, insert it through the jamb, and elevate the lock.

    Use a Tennis Ball

    Apparently, the tennis ball method works wonders in unlocking cars from the outside.

    For this method, make a hole on the tennis ball and place it over your car door’s keyhole, making sure that the hole on the ball is directly on top of the keyhole.

    After this, push the tennis ball towards your car to force out air through the ball’s hole.

    The air force should unlock the door.

    Always Have a Spare Key

    To avoid having to think of what to do when locking your car keys in the car, simply have a spare key at hand.

    However, simply having a spare key doesn’t actually solve the problem, especially if you hide the spare inside the car.

    Hence, it is also essential to have a good place to hide your spare key.

    Hiding it outside your car could be dangerous, especially when your car gets stolen, so you need to hide it somewhere it’s very difficult to find.

    Aside from there, you can also have your spare key placed at home or at your workplace, so you can have someone to call and pick it up for you during emergencies.

    Call a Car Locksmith

    If you get locked out of your car and you’re out of options, simply call a local locksmith like Thornhill Car Locksmith to help you with your problem immediately.

    We have the necessary tools, so you don’t have to worry about damages to your car.

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