Why You Should Always Have Two Keys

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    Most of us never really give a second thought to the importance of keys until the moment we misplace them. However, considering the unexpected lockouts and lost key scenarios, it becomes crystal clear that having two keys is essential. Indeed, keeping a spare key is an invaluable investment that saves you stress, time, and money.

    Understanding the Importance of Two Keys

    It’s no secret that keys are critical tools in our daily lives. Whether it’s for your home, office, or car, keys are fundamental in ensuring the security of your valuables. Now, imagine losing your only key. It’s a distressing experience that can easily be avoided by having an extra key.

    Benefit of Two Keys Explanation
    Convenience An extra key proves handy if you ever lock your main key inside your car or house.
    Saves Time Avoid wasting time searching for a misplaced key.
    Emergency Backup Useful in emergency situations when you need to quickly access your property.
    Cost-Effective Less expensive than hiring a locksmith for car unlocking service.
    Easy Accessibility You can leave a spare key with a trusted friend or family member.

    Need Professional Help?

    Our services are designed with our clients in mind. We understand the inconveniences of lockouts and losing keys, which is why we offer a comprehensive solution, including key duplication, car key cutting, and more.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I obtain a spare key?

    It’s a simple process. You can visit our automotive key duplication service page to get a duplicate key made.

    Can I make a duplicate key myself?

    While it’s possible, it’s not recommended. Keys often have intricate designs that require professional key cutting services for accurate duplication.

    I lost my keys. What do I do?

    Firstly, don’t panic. Reach out to us at Toronto Car Locksmith for a quick solution.

    Can a locksmith make a key from a lock?

    Yes, skilled locksmiths can make a key from a lock. It’s known as key origination.


    In conclusion, having two keys is a prudent measure for every car owner. The importance of having an extra key cannot be overstated. It guarantees convenience, saves you valuable time, and offers a safety net during emergencies. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective solution compared to the alternative of hiring emergency locksmith services.

    At Toronto Car Locksmith, we’re dedicated to providing you with exceptional locksmith services, including key duplication, key cutting, and a swift response to lockouts. So, whether you’ve locked your keys in your car, need to replace a broken car key, or simply want an extra key for emergencies, we’re here to help.

    Got questions? Need help? Contact us today for a quick resolution to your key-related problems. Remember, it’s always better to have two keys!

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