Broken Car Key Extraction Services

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    Broken Car Key Extraction Services

    A broken car key can quickly transform a day of productivity into a stressful ordeal. Our professional team at Toronto Car Locksmith provides rapid, efficient, and affordable broken car key extraction services to save your day.

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    Want to learn how to remove broken key from car door? Check out this video. For expert help, give us a call.

    Car Key Extraction Methods: Pros and Cons

    Understanding the methods for extracting broken car keys can help you appreciate the expertise required. Here’s a detailed table outlining the pros and cons of each method:

    Extraction Method Pros Cons
    Needle Nose Pliers Affordable; works well for keys broken at the surface Limited usefulness if key is deeply lodged
    Key Extraction Tool Effective for deeply lodged keys; precise Requires professional expertise; tool cost
    Super Glue Inexpensive, widely available Risk of further lock damage; requires extreme precision

    Broken Car Key Extraction Services and Costs in Markham

    As part of our transparent pricing policy, we offer detailed costs for our services in Markham:

    Service Cost
    Inspection & Diagnostic $20
    Key Extraction (Surface level) $40
    Key Extraction (Deep level) $70
    Key Replacement $80-$200

    Actual costs may vary based on the complexity of the task and the type of key involved. For a detailed breakdown of costs in your area, visit our car locksmith services and costs in Markham page.

    Why Choose Our Locksmiths?

    Our team is committed to providing top-quality, efficient, and affordable solutions for all your car key problems. We work round-the-clock, come rain or shine. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools, our team of certified professionals prioritize your satisfaction and security. For a broader overview of what we do, check out everything you need to know about key maker for cars.


    Can I Extract a Broken Car Key Myself?

    We don’t recommend this as you risk causing further damage to your car lock. Instead, let our experts help. For a better understanding, visit our page on how do locksmiths unlock cars.

    How Long Does Key Extraction Take?

    The duration largely depends on how deep the key is lodged. Our team typically completes the task within 20-30 minutes.

    Do I Need to Replace the Whole Lock After Key Extraction?

    Not necessarily. If the key extraction process doesn’t damage the lock, replacement won’t be needed. Learn more on our guide to car locks.

    What if I Don’t Have a Spare Key?

    Our services extend beyond key extraction. We provide key duplication services, ensuring you always have a spare. Explore our automotive key duplication service.


    Navigating the stress of a broken car key doesn’t have to be daunting. Our team at Toronto Car Locksmith is always on standby to provide fast, reliable, and affordable broken car key extraction services. You can count on our expert locksmiths to get you back on the road in no time.

    Our promise is to deliver high-quality services that prioritize your security and satisfaction. For more information or to request service, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Don’t forget to keep a spare key! We offer spare key production to ensure you’re never stuck. Remember, your safety and convenience are our top priorities.

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