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    Car Key Cutting

    Car Key Cutting Service in the GTA

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    Just like how you value your car, you should also do the same for its key.

    Due to everyday wear and tear, your car key can suddenly stop working.

    Or there will be instances when you might lose your key without you knowing.

    As you rely on your car for everyday travel – may it be for work or other purposes – having a broken key or losing it can be a great inconvenience.

    Car key cutting is the process your locksmith conducts to get you a new and working key.

    Whether you are replacing the lost or broken one or getting it duplicated, only a car key specialist can do the job for you.

    Car Key Cutting Techniques

    With a wide range of car keys available in the market, the car key cutting process is more complicated than you think.

    Just a friendly tip, you should avoid the costly car key-cutting service from the dealership.

    Acquiring a professional locksmith is the best alternative – the cost is much affordable but with the same quality.

    Here are some of the techniques a car locksmith use to conduct the automotive key cutting:

    Mechanical key cutting

    Mechanical cutting is the traditional method of duplicating a key.

    It uses a machine to copy the same pattern as the old key.

    Especially if you have an older car model, a simple mechanical cutting can duplicate your car key.

    However, it requires you to have a copy of the old one.

    But some car locksmiths can design a key based on the car key’s entryway.

    Thus, getting a well-established locksmith services company like Thornhill Car Locksmith is an advantage.

    We will do mechanical car key cutting techniques based on your key’s entryway.

    Our team has the necessary tools to finish the job quickly.

    Laser key cutting

    Unlike the mechanical key, the pattern cuts of a laser key are on its flat side.

    This type of key offers more security since its entryway is harder to pick.

    Its production involves specialized tools and a high-tech laser machine.

    The operation of the machine is not only expensive but requires a professional to control it.

    Moreover, car key programming and installation of hardware chips are necessary.

    So, getting a car locksmith to conduct a laser key cutting is undoubtedly the right choice.

    Car Key Cutting: Car Dealership vs. Car Locksmith

    Some car owners directly go to the dealership instead of a locksmith for car key cutting service.

    As stated earlier, it is much more affordable to get a locksmith instead of duplicating or acquiring a new key from the dealership.

    You can save up on the costly overhead expenses and get the same quality of service.

    Aside from affordability, it is more convenient to hire a car locksmith.

    Almost all car locksmith services operate on a 24-hour basis.

    Furthermore, they will go to your location, which car dealerships don’t offer.

    Locksmith Services Near Thornhill

    Here in Thornhill, Thornhill Car Locksmith is the leading car key-cutting service provider.

    Our team of key specialists is excellent in handling mechanical and laser cutting techniques.

    We have the advanced machine and up-to-date methodologies to finish the job fault-free and hassle-free.

    For years, we have gathered significant experience to serve our clients in the most efficient way possible.

    Aside from car key cutting, we also offer the following car locksmith services in Thornhill

    These are just some of the services we offer.

    Call our team and get a quote from us.

    We promise to give a detailed breakdown of what we can offer at the most affordable rates.

    Emergency Car Locksmiths in Thornhill

    Getting locked out of the car or losing your key can be an embarrassing moment.

    But fortunately, Thornhill Car Locksmith works around the clock to attend to your needs.

    Our friendly staff will gladly assist you with your emergency.

    We have standby lock technicians and locksmiths that can solve your key or lock concerns.

    Our team has developed fast and top-rate services tailored to each of our client’s necessities.

    Expect us to arrive at the earliest time possible equipped with the complete tools and devices.

    Don’t hesitate to call us.

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