Ignition Unlocking

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    Ignition Unlocking

    Ignition Unlocking Service

    Vehicles tend to lock the steering wheel and ignition switch when they are in park mode.

    With the ongoing security threats on the streets, this feature can prevent thieves from stealing your car.

    However, there are unexpected moments when you, yourself, cannot turn the switch on to start the car’s engine.

    A locked ignition without knowing its possible cause can be inconvenient, especially at the worst moment.

    As it can happen to anyone here in Thornhill, Thornhill Car Locksmith is your one-call away friend.

    We conduct our fast and efficient ignition unlocking service for you to avoid the hassle of taking public transport.

    Common Reasons for a Locked Ignition

    We understand how it can be infuriating when your ignition switch won’t turn.

    To help you, here are the possible reasons for a locked ignition:

    Wrong Car Key

    Drivers often attach a lot of keys in a single keychain for convenience.

    Keys may look similar to each other.

    Some can enter the ignition cylinder lock even if it is not the right key.

    It can be an honest mistake and may happen to anyone.

    So double check first if you are inserting the appropriate key.

    We also recommend that you should have a separate keychain specifically for your car keys.

    Not in park mode

    Nowadays, cars work with an automatic transmission that prevents them from starting when not in park or neutral mode.

    If you start the engine when the car is in driving mode, it will lurch forward.

    It can cause damage or injure a passerby unexpectedly.

    To solve this, completely move the lever to park or neutral mode.

    Then, turn the key again in the ignition switch to test if it is working.

    If it did not solve the problem, call a car locksmith for assistance.

    Damaged key

    A cracked and deformed car key might not turn on your ignition.

    Probably, the key will not reach the required depth to start the car.

    Or the ignition cylinder lock won’t recognize the damaged key patterns.

    It is best to examine the condition of your key before inserting it into the ignition lock.

    There are instances when you cannot avoid a locked ignition due to a damaged key, so never hesitate to call a professional locksmith for an ignition unlocking.

    Moreover, Thornhill Car Locksmith is the one to call if you want to duplicate your broken key accurately and flawlessly.

    What to Do if I Have a Locked Ignition?

    A locked ignition can come at the worst moment.

    If you are sure that you have an undamaged and the right car key, you should try to unlock the ignition several times while in park or neutral mode.

    If all else fails, a car locksmith can undoubtedly help you.

    Thornhill Car Locksmith is an established automotive locksmith services provider in Thornhill.

    We will find the reasons why your ignition switch won’t turn.

    After finding the faults, we will repair them right away.

    Our key experts and lock technicians will guarantee a quick response and fault-free ignition unlocking at your most convenient time.

    Top-Rated Car Locksmiths in Thornhill

    Don’t let a locked ignition damage your car’s overall mechanism.

    Unlocking your ignition cylinder without knowing the root cause is not easy.

    But with our top-rated car locksmiths in Thornhill, solving them for you is our top priority.

    Our highly skilled team has several years of experience in the field.

    We are experts in ignition fault-finding, and we can solve them right away.

    Aside from ignition unlocking, we also offer the following car locksmith services

    • Ignition lock repair
    • Automotive key replacement
    • Car unlocking
    • Locked trunk opening
    • Car locks replacement
    • Automotive key and lock inspection

    For security purposes, we make sure to ask for proof of ownership and identity before unlocking car and ignition locks.

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