Replacing Key Fobs Explained

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    Replacing Key Fobs Explained

    Out with the old and in with the new.

    Previously, keys were the only items that could open car doors and start car engines.

    With the advancement of technologies, people can now unlock cars and start engines using a remote electronic fob.

    These key fobs work by transmitting radio signals, allowing for convenience in many aspects of owning a car.

    Indeed, the beginning of the new century has made life easier; however, things can still go south.

    The convenience that key fobs bring comes with a price; hence, if it gets damaged, replacement and repair fees can be pretty expensive.

    Below, there will be replacing key fobs explained as well as other relevant information.

    Types of Car Keys

    Not all cars have similar key types, which is why it is essential to be aware of what type of key your car model requires.

    Listed are four of the existing keys in the market:

    • Basic Key – The typical metal key containing a chip to start the engine and unlock car doors through insertion.
    • Ignition Key + Remote – The typical metal key inserted in the ignition cylinder to start the engine and a remote to lock and unlock car doors.
    • Key Fob + Remote – Remote locking and unlocking of car doors along with a push-button to start the engine.
    • Key Fob + Push-Button Start + Keyless Entry – The more advanced item to lock and unlock car doors and start the engine without needing a metal key.

    Key Fob Replacement

    Key fobs are one of the products of the advancements in technology, and drivers need to take good care of theirs.

    Otherwise, they will have to undergo an expensive and possibly dragging replacement process.

    If you’ve already lost or damaged your key fob, you’re in for a bumpy road ahead.


    As mentioned, key fobs have made many aspects of a car owner’s life more convenient; hence, damages to it can be pretty pricey.

    A new fob already costs less than $100, but that’s for the physical fob alone.

    Fobs still need to be programmed to meet the requirements of your vehicle, and programming alone can cost more than $100; even up to $500.

    The high price is usually due to the advanced code encryption in fobs as an additional anti-theft measure.

    Although you can turn to your insurance to pay for the replacement, you’d be risking your no claims bonus and having to pay more for actual damages to your car.


    Getting a new fob is pretty simple; however, you need to ensure that the fob is authentic.

    Avoid turning to cheaper options from online sellers; it might not work at all.

    Instead, go to a car locksmith or your dealer as the safest option to get one.

    Take note of your car model to make sure you get the right fob.

    After acquiring a fob, the only thing left would be to program it to your vehicle.

    When going to a car locksmith for a key fob replacement, inquire about the guarantee of their programming and ensure that your vehicle’s security isn’t compromised in any way.

    If you want to be safer, approach your car dealer for the replacement and programming, but expect to pay a higher price.

    Nevertheless, car locksmiths like the Thornhill Car Locksmith are still reliable options for key fob replacement and programming.

    That’s basically replacing key fobs explained in simpler terms; however, you need to be aware of what’s happening while you’re going through the process.

    Make sure to ask questions to have a deeper understanding of your vehicle and its peripherals.

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