Types Of Car Keys

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    Types Of Car Keys

    Cars come with different types of modifications, from the wheels most appropriate for specific terrains to the keys that could get the vehicle started.

    Car keys come with various specifications, so owners should learn what type of car key they are using when it comes to getting locked out of the car or a broken car key.

    We at Thornhill Car Locksmith want what’s best for our customers going through the struggle of broken vehicle keys.

    Moreover, we provided a guide for the types of car keys that our team of professional locksmiths can handle with ease and meet customer satisfaction.

    Mechanical Car Keys

    The primary type of car keys is the mechanical car keys, and they are provided mainly by car manufacturers when purchasing older vehicle models.

    These keys function the same way as the standard house key; with a twist and go, the door to the car can quickly unlock.

    Moreover, these car keys don’t need specialized encoding types when it comes to their simple functionality.

    However, car owners sometimes find themselves in a problematic situation, especially when the car key breaks and gets stuck inside the car lock.

    Contacting the nearest car locksmiths can quickly get the job done, providing car owners with a new spare mechanical car key or processing a broken car key copy.

    Remote Car Keys

    Remote car keys are the typical car keys provided by car manufacturers for vehicle models of the late 2000s.

    They’re pretty convenient, as vehicle car owners can unlock or lock their cars from a certain distance away from their automobile.

    The remote car key functions and connects to the vehicle’s security device that uses an infrared signal or a radio transmitter.

    The signal tracker receives an encoded message from the remote car key, which grants the command to lock or unlock the designated vehicle.

    Moreover, these car keys usually run on battery, and owners would notice a button for the key fob.

    Pressing this could disable the vehicle’s alarm system.

    Transponder Vehicle Keys

    Transponder vehicle keys contain an electronic transponder chip that owners insert on the head of the keys.

    The keys send a specialized code accepted by the car’s immobilizer system, and once it corresponds, the car’s ignition comes to life.

    Another type of transponder car key that’s more secure comes with rolling codes; every time the car engines start, the codes change.

    Not a lot of car owners would notice the transponder on their car keys.

    Some car manufacturers tend to keep this type of function of their older car models.

    Flip Style Car Remote Key

    A flip-style car remote key folds itself and is often called a switchblade key by most car owners.

    The key has a button that, with a click, the key’s retractable shank pops up and is ready for use.

    Smart Car Keys

    The future is near when car owners don’t need to plunge a mechanical car key to open their vehicles.

    With the smart key, car owners don’t have to manually unlock or start their cars since the smart key connects to the vehicle’s signal system.

    Most car manufacturers who have sold automated cars provide owners a smart key, quite convenient and techy.

    The smart key is an example of a fob key type, wherein even from a certain distance away from the vehicle, owners could lock or start its engines with a simple press of a button.

    Master Vehicle Keys

    Car manufacturers that have sold earlier car models provide vehicle owners with a master key, which aids the car locksmith or every owner make a duplicate car key.

    Valet Car Keys

    Valet car keys are made especially for valets.

    These car keys are only made for one thing alone – unlocking, locking and starting vehicle ignition.

    They function like the standard mechanical key that most owners that drive with older car models use.

    Thornhill Car Locksmith has got you covered! We can duplicate any type of car key from various car brands at ease.

    When it comes to serving car owners around Thornhill, we always make sure to provide only the most efficient and effective locksmith services, even with different types of car keys.

    Thornhill Car Locksmith specializes in duplicates and renders lock installation, lock replacement, key retrieval, and a lot more.

    Contact our locksmith services today for quick and responsive car key retrieval!

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